Sometime last year my friend Antoinette and I stumbled across a book called Home at Elliot Bay and stood, mesmerized, as we looked through each illustration; we were moved into an appreciative silence.  Weeks after finding the book, I had to go back and buy a copy; the Moonian image had been haunting me and I wanted to see it again.


So began my mild obsession with Carson Ellis.

Perifery house

Upon our return to the states, Henry found a book that was written by the lead singer of a band he enjoyed and illustrated by his wife-who happened to be none other than the same woman who drew the gorgeous images inside Home.  During our re assimilation, the two of us read all three books of the Wildwood Chronicles.  They carried us through the trip to see my family in Idaho, the search for a home in Portland, the early housing and work crisis of early 2016, many reading breaks in coffee shops, as well as long afternoons in Tacoma.  We were hooked.


I’ve finally finished reading the series and couldn’t help my desire to share some of her gorgeous illustrations here with you.


You can see more of her work on her website, or if you have some time, pick up a copy of Wildwood and get lost in the magical forest outside of Portland.